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TC «European Citizens for Global Responsibility – Ιntroduction to global education in youth work», Poland, 2-10/12/2022

«The project European Citizens for Global Responsibility – Ιntroduction to global education in youth work took place in a beautiful facilitation in Krzyżowa, Poland. Its main objective was to steer debates on global issues such as the increasing migration rates, the complicated financial relationships around the world and the imminent consequences of the climate change.»

«During our stay we discussed which values are needed to create a more functional society, the difference between prejudice and discrimination, the diverse backgrounds that all of us come from and how to be more involved in environmental issues. We had the opportunity to develop our communication and collaboration skills, since most of the activities required teamwork. We were also given the opportunity to learn how to implement non-formal education tools by presenting our own workshops at the end of the week. The facilitators managed to provide a safe space to debate on controversial issues, where everyone felt included and respected. All in all, it was a great experience, with even greater people!»




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