CET Platform Hellas is the Greek branch of the CET Platform Network, which was first founded in 2013 and today is active in already 12 European countries.

Our organisation was founded in 2016 in Trikala, Greece by experienced youthworkers and trainers educated in the fields of Engineering, Environmental Studies, Special Education and School Psychology, Informatics, Graphic Arts and Multimedia, Theatrical Studies, Law Studies, Preliminary Education and Pedagogics, Adult Training and Economic Studies and they are multilingual speakers and enterpreuners.

CET Platform Hellas’ goal is to provide young Greeks and residents of Greece with opportunities to enhance their personal development and increase their future employability, by developing soft skills that may be proven invaluable in the labour market, through mobility, volunteering, workshops and trainings, as well as to promote the understanding of the political and social framework of the EU and eventually the understanding and embracement of European values and the creation of a European Identity and Active Citizenship.