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TC «Handle Emergencies Like a Pro (HELP)», Poland, 11-18/01/2023

Between 11th and 18th of January, we, Georgia, Danai and Nikos, participated in a training course with the title “H.E.L.P.- Handle Emergencies Like a Pro” which took part in Krzyzowa, Poland. The participating countries were Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Portugal, Lithuania, Serbia, Italy and Romania. H.E.L.P. aimed at developing competences needed to react under stress and in case of an emergency, create action plans for such events, and identify spaces where youth NGOs can be active in such situations, providing our organisations’ basic competences in managing crisis situations and emergencies in a structured, informed, and organised way.

We had multiple sessions about getting-to-know each other and team building activities. After the starters, we discussed about different crisis, emergency plans and the aftermath of some current crisis , such as COVID-19, and how it affected various age range. One of our favourite activities was the catastrophe simulation. We all had a secret number from 1 to 20 and without using our sight and speech, we had to find another way of communicating, during our ‘crisis’. Also, we really found useful the FIRST-AID session, done by Nikos and other 2 participants, which are medical students. We were so lucky meeting all the participants and we had a blast! After all sessions, we spent our time all together, learn about other cultures and getting to know each other even more! Also, we would like to thank CET PLATFORM POLSKA and CET PLATFORM HELLAS for this opportunity and the amazing trainers that help with the organization, making our experience even better!!!

Danai, Georgia, Nikos



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