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YE “Keys in my pocket”, Croatia, 15-24/04/2022

The Youth exchange «Keys in my pocket», that was planned almost a year and a half ago, was successfully conducted last April. The exchange was financed from the Erasmus+ program, and was carried out together with organizations from Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Spain, and Greece.

Employability, along with increasing awareness of the importance of lifelong learning and continuous progress in all areas of human activity, is of exceptional importance for our communities and society as a whole.

The goal of our project was to work on increasing the skills of young people and to create a stimulating environment in which participants can use the tools and elements of informal education for the purpose of their personal and professional development in order to increase their chances of integration into the labor market for all our participants.

The YE took place in Osijek, Croatia from 15-24/04/2022.

Watch our Video at the following link.


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