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Study Visit «Developing Capacities of Organizations Working on Gender Inequality in Rural Areas», Shkoder, Albania, 1-8/7/2022

The study visit “Developing Capacities of Organizations Working on Gender Inequality in Rural Areas” was held in Shkodra, a beautiful city which is situated on the north of Albania, on 1-8 July, 2022. The participants came from Albania, Greece, Kosovo, Serbia, Germany and Romania.

The core educational purpose of the visit was to directly experience practices applied in Albania regarding gender inequality issues in the community. By visiting different organizations and NGOs engaged in gender issues and social work, participants were given the chance to gain knowledge on how to identify and understand the roots of gender inequality, collect ideas, tools, methods and best practices on how to deal with gender inequalities in a local level and get inspired to develop new project ideas addressing gender equal societies.

The study group visited the facilities of NGOs and local organizations ‘Woman to Woman’, ‘Light Steps”, Social Business “Arti Zanave”, “The Door”, Center for Psychological Support, Youth Center “Atelie”, Office for Men and Boys, software company “Albasoft” and was engaged in a dialogue with stakeholders and experts on social and gender inequality issues in the community of Shkodra.

The participants had also the chance to delve into the culture of Shkodra, visit the castle of Rozafa and the museum of photography, eat delicious traditional food and make friends from all different corners of Europe.



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