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TC «Facilitation Laboratory», Italy, 1-8/7/2022

Η Ιωάννα και η Ελένη επέστρεψαν από το Εκπαιδευτικό Πρόγραμμα «Facilitation Laboratory» στην Ιταλία και μοιράζονται μαζί μας την εμπειρία τους…

..a journey, an experience, a dream…

…I will remember for the rest of my life…

The Erasmus+ experience is different for every person, and everyone perceives it differently. From my point of view, the program was an experience that brought me close to many different cultures and people, something that helped me to make a step further than I was before.

When someone asks me how was my experience in Italy, thousands of images, feelings, moments and experiences overflow my mind… it’s a life experience that I believe everyone should try!

The village where we stayed, Fragneto Monforte, was a huge hug full of warm and kind people, willing to help you with anything you needed. This trip gave me the opportunity to improve my linguistic and pedagogical skills, knowledge and abilities. Also, I met people from different countries. It was a journey that I can only remember well, even though the hardships. With Erasmus+ programs/projects you could learn how to be and become independent by living in a foreign country, you become a stronger person, and you gain academic and life skills!

The overall experience at the end made me have the most beautiful memories, giving me the motivation to participate other programs or projects, either in Italy or in other countries!

See you soon in another program!!!

We participated from 1st to 8th of July 2022 at the Laboratory meeting “Facilitation Laboratory” in Fragneto Monforte, Italy which was part of the project “Boost Yourself Up!”. Even though the organisers had to change the venues at the last minute due to Covid spreading, everything turned out very well. The organisers were really friendly and ready to help us deal with every issue we had.

We were a small group of participants and most of them had already met in previous parts of the project, so it was easier to work together as a group. Activities such as singing together, energisers, music creation using our bodies, games that demanded collaboration without words, helped us connect and brought the group together. All activities/workshops helped us learn to collaborate, establish group goals, build trust, interact as a group, be present, help and support and respect each other.

We learned about the characteristics and attributes of a facilitator and facilitation styles and the challenges we face when working with young people. We also had the opportunity to work outdoors, where the activities aimed to build trust between us and using creative writing and theatrical games we expressed our thoughts and feelings. One of the most interesting parts of the project was when we, the participants, changed into the role of facilitators. In small groups we prepared and conducted a workshop relevant to at least one of the topics: stress management, mental well-being, boost active participation, increase motivation in youth or youth workers. At the end of each workshop the facilitators and the group gave us feedback about the topic, the workshop and our role as facilitators, so that we can increase our facilitation skills and competences.

The program involved also moments of enjoying each others company during an Italian barbeque night with Greek traditional dances, spending our free time together and knowing each other better. For a week, we left behind our normal, everyday life and worked together in order to evolve in terms of professional work with youth, facilitation skills, self awareness and gaining of new tools and methods for creative facilitation.



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