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Call for Participants for International Project in Greece, August 2019.

Call for Participants for Training Course in Greece

(Eligible Countries: Greece, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, 3 participants per country aged >18 yo)

Τίτλος Προγράμματος: «Employability Boost Laboratory»

Project Type: Training Course
Dates: 27/8-05/9/2019 (Including travel days)
Venue: Trikala, Greece

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of EU. Accomodation and food are fully covered by the organizers and travel expenses will be reimbursed after the end of  the project according to distance calculator up to 180 Euros – Bulgaria, 275 Euros – Italy, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Spain and 360 Euros – Portugal.

During the Training Course will be used methods of Non Formal Education and the working languade will be English.

Project summary:

The training is designed for youthworkers, employees, members or partners of youth organisations and will be focused in the topics of entrepreneurship and employability. Aim of the project is to connect the knowledge and experience of the partner organisations and the need for support of the young people of their communities that are searching for employment with the help of the NGOs.

The participants, with the use of non formal education methods, will go through an experiential path of the full process of searching for employment, starting with evaluation of their qualifications, searching for the appropriate job offer, the compilation of CV and cover letter, building a professional profile in social media, job interview and ending with the negotiations of the working conditions. Furthermore, they will be familiarized with the main EU initiatives and programmes stimulating employability of young people – Youth Guarantee and EURES.


– to provide the participants with the basic knowledge and skills for the labor market and practical aspects for finding employment,
– to get acquainted with the Youth Guarantee Program and its promotion methods for young people,
– to increase the quality of the actions of organizations working with young people, and contribute to the reduction of youth unemployment,
– to strengthen the cooperation among organisations
– To promote the Erasmus+ Programme and its opportunities.

In order to reach the aforementioned objectives, the training will combine different kinds of non-formal learning modules, based on games, introductory lessons, group works, professional lecturers and public dissemination events.


Please fill the online application form in the following link UNTIL 5/08/2019

Online Application

Here you will find the Infopack of the project:


All the applications will be sent to the partner organisations that will do the final selection of their representatives.



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