Participant's Corner

TC, «Develop Yourself to Develop your Rural Community», Kikinda, Serbia, 18-24/05/2019

Friday 17th May 2019. The day when an amazing experience started. A trip, a project, new people, new friendships. We started our trip from Belgrade, where we stayed one day and we went sightseeing and admired its beautiful and full of green parks, and finally we arrived in Kikinda, where the project took place.


Through this training, we had the opportunity to interact with locals and feel their love and dedication to their hometown, as well as their desire to develop themselves as entrepreneurs in it. At the same time, we developed our skills on how to create a business plan and how to design a project.



A trip to a small village, called Sanad, was a chance for us to come closer to pure nature and experience a multicultural environment, because of the fact that the village is located close to Romanian and Hungarian borders. Our biggest surprise was Serbian people’s love towards Greek people and Greece. How amazing is to hear a waiter talking to us in Greek or watching a woman (who couldn’t even speak English) to show her love for Greece, using gestures. After such an interesting project and a trip to such an amazing and hospitable country, our conclusion could be «Projects and trips come to an end, but memories last FOREVER»!!!




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