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Preparatory Visit for the TC «YOU-POD», 24-25/04/2023, Fiorenzuola d’Arda , Italy

We, Yuri, Luka, Pihla, Michelle, Kristina and Danai, had the opportunity to participate in the Preparatory Visit of ‘YOU-POD’ in Fiorenzuola d’Arda during 24 and 25 of april 2023. The participating countries of the project are Italy, The Netherlands, Estonia, Portugal, The Republic of North Macedonia, Greece, Spain and Romania. The Training Course will take place in Morfasso, Italy during 2-8 June, co-funded by the EU. Here is a little testimony of each of the participant:

Led by their curiosity and motivation, the team has demonstrated great interest towards podcasting and its potential impact on educational and social projects. A good team is the main ingredient for success, and this is very promising, therefore my expectations for YouPod are fairly proportional to the passion shown in this couple of days.

Yuri, Italy

This APV was so sunny and cosy… We spoke about many things regarding the project, and I can say truthfully that I have a very clear idea about what we will do in June. It definitely filled me with energy and excitement to start the project. We also bonded, spoke about our experiences with ERASMUS+ and saw the beauty of the Italian countryside. Overall it was a wonderful experience!

Luka, Netherlands 

It was productive and dreamy two days. We got to experience the warmth of the locals and the famous Italian sun. I met with creative souls to discuss about the YouPod project happening in June. We got to share ideas, talk about life and most importantly enjoy delicious local food.

Pihla, Estonia

Coming to Italy has been a great experience. This is my first KA1 project as a participant and it’s great to see how this topic can bring so many of us together and how much we have achieved in two days only. We had the opportunity to brainstorm about what we can do in June when we welcome the rest of the participants and plan accordingly! I’m sure that we can make the most of it with the group. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone but also learning how to create a podcast and share it with others.

Michelle, Portugal

Grateful to be here and take part of the YouPod PV, the organization and brainstorming sessions with such beautiful souls in amazing places filled with nature and beauty. Thank you Sciara, Euonia and all the participants for this unforgettable experience.

Kristina, Republic of North Macedonia

On the first day of the PV, we had a small interesting getting to-know activity on our office and discussed about the hosting NGO. On my view, it plays a significant role to understand the vision of the organization and the facilitators! Also, we talked about the project and what will the participants do during the project. On the 2nd day, I was super excited about visiting the location of the project! The organizers were so friendly and helpful during all this process! It was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to come back again to Morfasso! 😍


Our hosts, Oksana and Sara from Sciara Progetti made sure the organisation of the project was on point! We discussed the activities in June, visited our venue in Morfasso, Castell’Arquato and obviously had time for gelato 🍦!



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