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TC «Active Citizens of Tomorrow», Krzyżowa, Poland, 11-19/09/2022

«Recently, I participated in the Training Course “Active Citizens of Tomorrow” held in Krzyzowa, Poland. Even though it was my first experience in Erasmus+ projects, I was really excited and the outcome fulfilled even my biggest expectations! During 8 full days, we learned via the most interactive and creative way about active citizenship and its shades, we thought of manners, ideas and motives aiming at our activation in local communities, we collaborated in order to present important national and international problems, as well as good practices for their solution, we visited small towns of Poland and talked with the locals about their perspective of active citizenship, we discussed and debated on human rights and its protection. All of these happened with non-formal education methods, such as workshops, role-playing, which helped us understand other people’s and minorities’ position, fun activities and games, which created bonds between the team. The organization of the project was perfect, but what I will always cherish the most, once again, are the people I met there and the moments I shared with them, the friendships I made and the contact I had with different cultures. If you have any similar chance, don’t miss it at all. Active Citizens of Tomorrow, you gained my heart!»


«In an excellent campus in Krzyżowa, Poland, was held the “Active Citizens of Tomorrow” project, in which I took part after the urging of a friend of mine who insisted on telling me that I would not regret it. And she was right! For 8 days, I lived a wonderful experience away from my usual routine and the stress of everyday life. Next to nature and in great facilities, I met people of different origins with whom I played, had fun, shared stories and created bonds. The facilitators were excellent and very helpful in every problem that arose. I was excited from the first day with the original game they had organized for us and I enjoyed all the activities of the program, the first non-formal education training course that I have attended. I still have in my mind images from the dramatic plays and debates we created, which, apart from ample laughing, also offered me a lot of knowledge and from which I received many social messages. I returned home full of joy and with determination to become a more active citizen!»


«A few weeks ago I had the chance to be a participant of the training course «Active Citizens of Tomorrow», in Krzyżowa, Poland. It was love at first sight! The venue was beautiful, the people were lovely and the activities that followed were really well organized and insightful. We learned about non-formal education methods and we used them in every activity, such as role playing, debates, interactive presentations which included each one of us. We were working in groups, we were presenting our ideas to the others, we organized our workshop, we were debating on difficult themes and we had really meaningful conversations on the topics. I think these were the best ways to approach such difficult notions as active citizenship, racism, human rights or social problems. I’m sure that each participant of this project is a little bit more active citizen now, so, thank you «Active Citizens of Tomorrow»!»




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