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TC «N.A.T.U.R.E.+», Morfasso, Italy, 25/06-01/07/2022

On the 24th of June till the 2th of July we, Mixalis, Maria and Pol, participated in the training course “N.A.T.U.R.E.+”, which was organized by Sciara Progetti in Morfasso, Italy. The participating countries were Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Romania, Greece, Portugal, Estonia, Netherlands and Turkey. What follows is our attempt to describe what we experienced in the training course on a collective and personal level.

On the first day we started to get to know each other and explore our group dynamics through games that required collaboration and communication. Through conversations during our bonding time with our “buddies”, someone who could be there for us and vice versa throughout the course, and the assignation of our “secret friend”, someone who we could prepare small gifts or notes or anything we wanted in secret for the duration of the program, we already began to form connections with the group as a whole and with people as individuals.

From then on, the days were full of activities prepared by Sara, our remarkable facilitator, that not only broadened our knowledge of circular and sharing economy but helped us connect with nature, each other and delve deeper in ourselves.

We approached the theme of the program through different ways. Through art, movement, video making, role play, forum theatre and cycles of conversation created by a different approach each time such as “world café”. We also experienced good practices such us “1010 ways to buy without money”, when we set up a market where we were “selling” items we brought from home but instead of money the prices of the items were prompts such as “In order for this book to be yours you have to take 5-minute showers”. That helped us be aware of alternative ways to get stuff we need, raise awareness for the environment and be more aware ourselves. Also, we got to take part in a festival, that was organized in collaboration by Sciara Progetti, where we got to know initiatives that raise awareness for nature through art and naturalism in the region of Piacenza, attend two inspirational theatre plays, “sell” books we brought from home with the “1010 ways to buy without money” method and get to know the locals.

It was an experience filled with connections with people, nature and ourselves. A reminder that we need nature not the other way around, we don’t need to save nature, we need to save ourselves. A reminder that people need people and with vulnerability, sharing and communication we can create transformative, beautiful things both outside and inside ourselves.  We thank CET platform Hellas and Sciara Progetti for giving us the opportunity to form a small tribe in the mountains of Morfasso.

P.S. Throughout the program we had time to create in groups an Instagram page, a booklet and videos so we could share part of our experience and all the knowledge we gathered with anyone that is interested. Instagram:

Some words from each one of us:

«Having participated in the ‘N.A.T.U.R.E.+’ Training Course in Italy with CET Platform Hellas, I can definitely say that it was one of the best times of my life. The training course took place in the middle of nature, in Morfasso, in the province of Piacenza, Italy which helped us even more with the topic of the project. We increased our knowledge of the circular and sharing economy and environmental sustainability. We learned a lot of things through non-formal education and informal methods and that made the whole process way more fun and less dull. We also had the opportunity to explore small cities and interact with the locals and learn about their culture even more.

Beyond that, I met beautiful people from different countries, ages, and cultures. We exchanged our views, we discussed many things, we laughed a lot, and we created friendships.

It was something that cannot be described in words, and everyone should experience it!

Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to our organization «CET Platform Hellas» who trusted us, to Sciara Progetti and the whole Italian team, and of course to our trainer Sara Curioni for the wonderful experience.

Thanks a lot and see you again.«

Mixalis Vakalos

«Being part of the people that formed the group, or the circle fits better, of the training course “N.A.T.U.R.E.+” was a deep and transformative experience that I will carry with me for a long time. In this program I became aware, on a deeper level, of the connection with nature both on an individual and on a collective level as humanity. I learned many new things about myself through the connection with nature and with the individuals that formed the circle of the course. I have no words, only feelings. Thank you, CET Platform Hellas, and Sciara Progetti and thank you to everyone that was there for this course.«

Maria Ntounta

«Before joining the “N.A.T.U.R.E.+” training course in Morfasso, I had no idea what to expect, since it was my first-ever ERASMUS+ programme. The whole experience was indeed above any expectation. We spent a week in a beautiful venue in nature where we broadened our knowledge of circular and sharing economy. We got to know each other and in seven days we managed to go from strangers to a very strong and close-knit group. Through the sessions and workshops, we engaged with each other and with nature around us. We discovered our potentials and connected with our inner selves in a way that words cannot describe. I am really glad I had the chance to be part of this experience and I thank all of these wonderful people that made this training course that awesome. Each one of them is one of a kind and I really hope our paths will cross again. Special thanks to CET Platform Hellas for the opportunity, Sciara Progetti for welcoming us so warmly and of course, our facilitator, Sara Curioni for being our inspiration.

See you again, pals!«

Pol Zisimopoulou


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