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N.A.T.U.R.E.+ APV, 30/04-01/05/2022, Morfasso, Italy

The representatives of the project’s partner organisations travelled between 30/04 and 01/05 to Morfasso, Italy for the preparatory visit of the N.A.T.U.R.E.+ Training Course funded through the Erasmus+ programme. The purpose of the visit was to discuss the agenda of the training course that will take place between the 25th of June and the 1st of July. The representatives of each country gathered at the venue of the project so that together they can find the most suitable activities for the participants in order to make sure that the objectives of the project will be achieved.

The purpose of the visit was also to help the representatives of the participating organizations to make an idea of how they can reach the venue where the project will take place, as well as getting to know the place and other logistic details that will ensure the success of the project.

N.A.T.U.R.E.+ stands for Nature, Arts & Technology Upgrading Respect & Expression and it came up following the success of a previous youth exchange with the same name implemented years ago in Morfasso. The purpose of the course is providing youth workers with useful tools that could help them implement activities regarding this topic with youngsters in their countries.

In the last decades we have experienced a global issue with climate change, which affects the environment and the quality of our living, and we believe that a major cause of this is the lack of awareness on the impact of our actions towards nature. The aim of this project is helping youngsters understand their role in the circular economy and provide them with knowledge about the alternatives they have in regards, contributing to reducing the negative impact we have towards the environment. The main tools we will be using during the training course will be arts and technology, as they represent a major part of our daily lives, especially for youngsters.

N.A.T.U.R.E.+ T.C. is dedicated to youth workers that are passionate about this topic and have the drive to empower youngsters in their countries in taking action to make a positive change in the world. And because there are a lot of people that would like to get involved but lack the opportunities because of either the social or economical condition they have, this project encourages the participation of youth workers, educators and mentors coming from a vulnerable background.

The training course will take place in the middle of nature, in the Comune of Morfasso, Piacenza, Italy and it is hosted by Sciara Progetti Organization. Between the 25h of June and the 1st of July, 30 youngsters from 9 European countries will bring together their knowledge and experience in order to create a toolbox that is going to be available to any youth worker that wants to bring a positive change in their community involving youngsters.

One of the activities that will take place during these days will also involve the local community of Morfasso and the close villages, not only to help them understand the importance of our actions for the environment but also to learn from them the alternative ways for a sustainable living.

«I think these 2 days helped us having a better understanding of the agenda as well as the place where we are going to be accommodated during the project. Being in quite an isolated area, in the middle of the nature, I think it was really important to be here and get a feeling of the place and the surroundings so we could let the other participants from our countries know what to expect and get ready for it. Working on the agenda and the activities was also essential, because this will help us plan ahead and have a clear picture of what is expected from us as participants.” Eva Zafra, representative of Entrejuegos, Spain.

The organisations that are participating in this training course are actively seeking to promote eco-friendly ways of living within their local communities as well as in their countries. Sciara Progetti has selected their partners from Turkey, Spain, Greece, Romania, Netherlands, Estonia, Portugal and Lithuania to work together and find the best methods of getting youngsters around Europe involved in topics like circular economy and sustainability by using non-formal education.



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