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TC, «Are You Sure? Critical Thinking and Basic Media Assessment Skills in Youth Work.», Krzyzowa, Poland, 25/11-2/12/2021

My experience

Having participated in ‘Are you sure?’ Erasmus project in Poland with CET platform Greece, I can definitely say that it was one the the best times of my life. First of all the topic of the project (Fake news, radicalization, extremism and fact checking) is absolutely relevant in our times and it helped me realize that there is lot to do, if one wants to be more sure about the information that is receiving from the media. Especially during the pandemic fake news and radicalization are everywhere and as young people we need to face this situation and find solutions that allow us to get the information we need. As far as the project itself, I can say that it was very well facilitated and that we all had a great time. The location was amazing and the food also very very good! I am so happy I participated in this project and I will in the future for sure visit Poland again and meet all these wonderful people I met!

Alexandra Anastasopoulou

My experience

 A month after returning from picturesque Poland, where I had the pleasure of participating in an Erasmus Training Course with CET Platform Greece, I am feeling particularly enriched and appreciative. The activities were captivating, creative and educative and definitely succeeded in sparking a discussion about the topic, which focused on critical thinking, fake news and radicalization. We were encouraged to examine our own knowledge and critical skills, as well as expand our thought process while engaging in intercultural exchange and learning about more than I even hoped for. All aspects of the program were well thought out and even better executed; we felt comfortable, safe and full of inspiration and excitement about getting to know each other and exploring the topic together. The trainers were both professional and engaging and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of participants. The venue was also beautiful, amazingly organized and well equipped for fun games and sports. We bonded, learned, challenged ourselves, created and left with amazing memories, lots of new information and strategies, as well as friendships that I’m hoping will last. It was a trip I will not forget and I can’t wait to keep learning and becoming a part of more incredible projects like it.            

Asimina Botsi                                                                               

My experience

This fall I was given the chance to take part in the ‘Are you sure?’ Erasmus project in Poland with CET platform Greece. At first, I was kind of unfamiliar with the project’s principal subjects of critical thinking, fake news, radicalization and extremism, but through the various productive activities, I found myself captivated by them. Having such a multicultural group was the perfect setting to realize the problems that other countries are facing and their unique views on the topics. Apart from keeping us engaged with the project, the organizers did a great job of choosing the venue, which provided us with incredible food and well-equipped rooms. I am really glad that I overcame my initial hesitance and got to participate in my first training course because it was undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life and I will always cherish my memories from snowy Poland.

Katerina Maouni

My experience

When I got the mail of my acceptance in the Erasmus Training Course ‘Are you sure?’ in Poland with CET Platform Greece, my first reaction apart from excitement was fear. I wasn’t so confident and sure because I hadn’t participated in another programme before and I was concerned about nearly everything. Fortunately, I did go. And I am so glad for that. The organizers were really friendly and willing to do anything that we needed. The venue was cozy, the food and all the facilities were perfect. They wanted us to learn and have fun at the same time and they managed it. The topic of the programme was mainly critical thinking, radicalization, extremism and fake news. We had lots of conversations, activities and we worked in groups, which was really helpful in getting to know each other. I realized that every country is struggling with the reliability of the social media and that no one lives in an ideal situation. We quickly became a team and really communicated with each other. We created friendships and memories that I will not forget. It was a unique experience, I am beyond grateful that I participated and I hope I will use all that I learned in the better way I can.

Eleni Giourga



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