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YE «It’s all about LOVE», North Macedonia, 22-29.08.2021

The project «It’s all about LOVE» was a youth exchange that took part in the mountainous area of Popova Shapka, which literally means «the priest’s hat». The project brought together young from Greece, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Hungary, Slovenia and North Macedonia which was the host. During a full week the participants explored the wedding traditions of all the involved countries, by simulating traditional weddings and exchanging bits of their national, local and personal cultures and living in a vivid, multicultural environment. By discovering the similarities and differences, embracing diversity and celebrating festive customs of each country they learned that what unites us all is love and the celebration of life!

*Impressions by the participant Ilias Triantafyllopoulos

Even if it was not my first experience in erasmus+ projects, it is definitely my favorite experience and this is mainly because of the people who participated in this program. In particular, it is lovely to be around joyful, passionate, fully open minded people of your age, even if there are some exceptions.

The location of the project was really amazing, as it was held in a hotel situated in the mountains and we had the chance to enjoy the fresh air every time and the loneliness of the mountains.

Every host was really friendly and helpful with everything and everyone was a powerful unit of the whole group, reinforcing the overall good temper we already had.

I am looking forward to visiting my favorite people from this project as I think we created some really special friendships. I am glad that I participated in this erasmus+ project and I hope that there will be more in the future too.