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YE «Europe on intersection», Croatia, 11-19 Aug 2021

‘’Europe on Intersection’’ was for sure an unforgettable project for everyone participating, and the Greek Team supports that state 100%. Half of us begun from Athens (Ada, Vasiliki, Anastasia) and the others from Thessaloniki (Fenia, Evi, Michail) not knowing what to expect, since the majority had never been to an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange before.  What I can easily admit, is that during these 9 days, we had the time of our lives! But, I will let each member explain for themselves, so you get a better understanding!

“Europe on Intersection” was one of the most exciting and meaningful experiences for all of us, during the 11th and 19th of August 2021, in Djakovo, Croatia. We arrived at the accommodation with open minds and interest in the upcoming project and all of its activities, but with little knowledge of how this would totally affect us in the most positive ways possible.

First of all, the whole project was so well-organized, with attention to detail. Every participant felt at home from the first day and that was one of the most important factors when it comes to contributing and actively participating in all the activities the following days. Tomislav and his team were very welcome, understanding, kind and friendly. We could refer to them at any time, for any reason, making our living there comfortable and not hard at all.

Furthermore, every day was filled with very interesting and informative activities, energizers, discussions and acts, leaving us full of new knowledge and understanding of multiple topics and issues, at the end of it. Every activity was based on non-formal practices, team work, group building and dialogue. The most extroverted people did such a good job encouraging more introverted people stand out, speak their minds and express themselves. The participation was equal for everybody but always in ways based on what each person could better contribute at, so no one would be left behind.

When it comes to personal relationships, that is the most interesting part. Each and every one of us, connected and formed friendships from the first day of the project. Every team consisted of amazing people from very different backgrounds, with a lot of different experiences, ideas, knowledge and opinions. The quality of this group of 35 people was excellent and I am truly thankful for those meaningful relationships we established in such a short period of time, and that we keep developing.


11 August 2021- 19 August 2021 : The best days of my life. In that time I participated in my first Erasmus + program in Djakovo Croatia 🇭🇷 with the topic of European values and the title of the program was “EUROPE ON INTERSECTION”. We arrived at the hotel where we felt like home from the first minute. Tomislav and all the team there welcomed us with open arms and it felt like a family so this helped everyone and especially people like me who are a little shy in the beginning to participate in every game , discussion and activity the next days.

The program was very organized and well planned full of interesting energizers, meaningful discussions and activities. In this way we learnt so many new things about European values and other topics not only regarding our country, but also the other participating countries too in a very exciting and innovative way. Team spirit, dialogue, equality and acceptance of different peoples’ opinions were the things we mostly practiced on, in this project. Lastly, I cannot forget to mention the people we met there and the relationships that were built. I am so blessed I met so special people not only from my county but also international friendships that are still developing and hope to last forever. Us 6 from Greece, matched so well with all the participants and now whenever I take part in other Erasmus+ programs, I have those high standards. So thank you for the first and best Erasmus+ experience with you!


I participated in the Erasmus + project, “ EUROPE ON INTERSECTION” in Djakovo, Croatia from 11 august 2021 till 19 august 2021. From the minute I arrived there, I felt so welcome from the other participants and hosting team as well. Regarding the activities and the content of the project, I really learnt more not only about the human rights and European values but also the current situation of each participating country. There were a lot of funny energizers and creative activities. I should also mention that we had a tour of the town, parties at nights, intercultural nights, pop quiz, swimming in the lake and much more. Last but not least, I am really glad that I met all these different personalities from Georgia, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Ukraine and Armenia and made new friendships. We had a great time all together! By the way, the accommodation was perfect! I am looking forward for my next Erasmus+ project! Thank you CET platform for this amazing experience!


This project was my first experience with Erasmus+ and will most likely always be my most favorite and special one. That is because through this project I learnt not only about the European Values and what they actually represent, but I also learnt the most important for me, which is WHY the European values are worth being respected and protected by everyone. I lived along with 36 people under one roof for 8 days. During this period I experienced the feeling of community and solidarity like never before. What almost surprised me was the genuine acceptance of ones personality without a sign of judgment, which is so difficult to find nowadays. I also got the opportunity to expand my own ability to accept, love and support others without criticism. I am so glad I interacted with people from such different cultural, social, economical backgrounds, but at the same time, with people who were familiar to me since day one. Such a life changing and meaningful experience should be part of everyone’s life, at least once. That’s why I highly recommend taking part in Erasmus+ youth exchanges and getting the chance to escape from your comfort zone and expand your horizons.


My experience in Erasmus + program was simply enlightening. I got to know new and incredible things that will stay with me for my entire life. New experiences, memories and friends. I strongly recommend this type of program to anyone who is interested.


This Y.E. was one of the better organized that I have ever been. The CET Croatia and CET Greece were right by our side for any support we needed at any point of the process and we never felt alone. The sessions were very well and cautiously conducted and gave to all of us a new insight into the topic of human rights and EU values. What was very important also, was the countries participating (Greece, Italy, Armenia, Croatia, Georgia and Ukraine)! The combination was so unique and made this learning opportunity even better, since we managed to connect and discover common points with people that we thought were so different, until we met. We managed to connect so quick and so well, that the only thing we can say is that we consider ourselves lucky for Djakovo!




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