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Call for Participants for International Project in Greece, TC «European Values Equalizers», 25 August – 3 September 2021.

Call for Participants for Training Course in Greece

(Eligible Countries: Greece, Croatia, Italy, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ukraine 3 participants per country aged >18 yo)

Τίτλος Προγράμματος: «European Values Equalizers»

Project Type: Training Course
Dates: 25/8-03/9/2019 (Including travel days)
Venue: Trikala, Greece

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of EU. Accomodation and food are fully covered by the organizers and travel expenses will be reimbursed after the end of  the project according to distance calculator up to 180 Euros – North Macedonia, 275 Euros – Croatia, Italy, Lithuania, Serbia, Armenia, Belarus,Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ukraine. For Greek participants coming from other parts of the region (over 10 km away from Trikala) or other parts of Greece there will be reimbursement of their travel expenses also.

During the Training Course will be used methods of Non Formal Education and the working languade will be English.

(Due to restrictions applying in Greece regarding closed spaces and hospitality and also for practical reasons we can only accept participants that are either vaccinated or have been infected and recovered from Covid in the past 30-180 days before the start of the project dates and can prove it with medical document from official lab.)

Project summary:

In today’s society very often we are dealing with the discussions about what are European values, what defines us as Europeans, do we talk about values which are practiced and respected only in European Union or in Europe in general? As this is the topic which is very often and which very often confuse young people but also about which we don’t care enough, especially today in time of globalization. If we take a look in knowledge which young people are gaining through the formal education in their schools and universities, mostly they don’t even mention European values as something on what we should pay attention and something what we should promote and use in our everyday life. On the other side, if we open media articles today, we will find a lot of significant titles related with discrimination, radicalization and violence of human rights all around the world. If we start to work with young people on education about European values and promotion of European values such as tolerance, respect of human rights, antidiscrimination, equality, democracy and rule of law, we are sure that we can prevent youth radicalization, discrimination and violence of human rights but also we can take part in creation of better future of our common European society. That is the main and concrete reason why we want to carry out this project.


The main objectives of the project are:

-the promotion of active citizenship as a way of involvement of youth in creation of better future of Europe

-to empower youth workers and leaders with methodology which can be used in youth education related with European values

-the improvement of key competences of youth workers and leaders participating in this project and through that creating the positive preconditions for active work with youth on European values

-to promote intercultural and international dialogue through multicultural learning and working in international environment

-to establish the network of European values equalizers

-to promote and create new international learning mobilities for young people all over the Europe

-to promote and enhance cooperation and mobility between programme and partner countries

-to increase the level of recognition of non formal learning and YouthPass as a certificate which confirm the results of non formal learning -to promote Erasmus+ programme and the opportunities that it offers for youth.

In order to reach the aforementioned objectives, the training will combine different kinds of non-formal learning modules, based on games, introductory lessons, group works, professional lecturers and public dissemination events.


Please fill the online application form in the following link

Online Application

Here you will find the Infopack of the project:

All the applications will be sent to the partner organisations that will do the final selection of their representatives.



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