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YE «Youth and Art: a story of inclusion», Bulgaria, 10-17/09/2020

Impressions of the Greek participants of Youth Exchange «Youth and Art: a story of inclusion», that took place Bulgaria, 10-17/09/2020.

In this program (Youth and Art: a story of inclusion), there was a lot of art involved. Even in the energizers. For example dancing move while saying our name. But apart from that, some people performed a play in Gabrovo, some others performed theater in the forest, some presented their drawings and some sang local songs in their intercultural night. It was the most populous program I have participated in.

We had the opportunity to see and distinguish which people from us worked, studied, migrated via a clever activity with 3 points: Do, do not and in the middle. The site there in Uzana was quiet and flushed with green!

It is good that there were 2 facilitators instead of one. Our performances in Gabrovo were successful and a lot of locals visited us.
We learnt some aspects about Schengen Area and whether it helps entirely or not. We learnt a lot about the history of other participants with activities that had to do with each one’s talent.

Also the intercultural nights was an amazing idea. We had the opportunity to learn more things about every country that participated, we had fun and we tasted very delicious traditional food!

Quiz night was very interesting too because we worked as a team with our new friends and learned various things. Another activity I enjoyed doing was the game in the forest. We created teams and we had to collaborate to finish the game successfully. This activity made us to trust each other and to collaborate without any problems.

By Nikolaos Liaropoulos, team leader

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