Participant's Corner

TC “Login to your development”, Cyprus, 6-14/12/2019

During 6-14 of December 2019, we took part in the Training Course “Login to your development” in Larnaca, Cyprus. Having returned to our countries, we already miss all the people we have met and our minds are full of great memories!

We started with some very funny name games, trying to get to know each other, we had great team-building activities, but we also had presentations about Erasmus+ projects and the Youthpass.

We learned many new things and acquired new skills! We discussed on different topics which enabled us to develop social skills and to be more confident when talking to people. Another very interesting activity was the one where we had to present the current situation of social media in our countries which was very useful because it raised awareness of what is happening in other places. Through a simulation game, we took the roles of journalists, politicians and members of NGO’s which made us realize how a story can be changed in media and presented from different perspectives. We also created advertisements using slogans and the appropriate software, we learned how to create our own website, talked about Cybercrime and its various forms, and created videos of the project which was the perfect opportunity for us to learn how to edit videos using some mobile apps.

During the nights, we had an amazing time playing games, singing, dancing and of course learning about each other’s culture during the intercultural nights, while eating and drinking traditional products.


Our favorite part was the “Cyprus night” when we went to a traditional Cypriot tavern, tasted traditional food and drinks, danced and had so much fun!

We are so glad we took part in this Training Course and we advise anyone who has never had an experience like this, to just do it!


Thank you,

Liana Makrygianni, Maria Kelemouridou, Tzamile Fahouri





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