Participant's Corner

TC «Laboratory of Games for supporting Youthwork», Κύπρος, 1-9/11/2019

Our experience during the Training Course »Laboratory of games for supporting youthwork» took place in Larnaca from 1th day until 11th of November was unique and unforgettable and we can already see the results on our personal and professional development.

At first we were really anxious about this program, some of us didn’t plan the time well and it was really scary not losing time there. Although we were sure that we are going to learn a lot. However, everything was new, the place, people, the language and this make us feel excited and stressed at the same time.


Now that the program has came to an end we can definitely say that it was one of the best training courses we’ll ever go, we met so nice people that we really connected, we had an amazing time and also the topic of the program was really interesting.


The theme in short was «using games to support the youth». So we played a lot. But we had a plan and a purpose. We would gather everyday and we would learn how young people aging from 8-25 were thinking , we would play games and reflect what we were learning from them each time and also some entrepreneurs were called to share their knowledge with us.

For us the most important thing we realized , is that games have so many hidden functions in them and you can really use them to integrate small kids and show them new ways of thinking. It was something that we think a lot people take for granted but when you reflect on it then you can really realize the full image.


Now that we are back from the project we can safely say that the project changed our view on how to deal with the youth because it’s not as easy as it seems and we hope to use the knowledge we acquired with them in the field. It was an enjoyable project to be part of and we really wish we will have the chance to participate in another of the organization’s projects.


Thank you,

Kostas, Giorgos, Eleni



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