Participant's Corner

ΥΕ «The Road to Success of Future Leaders», Βουλγαρία, 12-20/10/2019

For the Greek team, the journey of participating in the project ‘’Road to Success of Future Leaders’’ started in the 12th day of October and lasted until the 20th.  Despite the fact that the project was short, the friendships, the memories and the skills we gained will last forever.

Our story began, when we first met in Sofia. The Greek team consists of Jo, Marios, Maria, Dimitris and Igli. On our way to Uzana – Gabrovo we met our fellow participants coming from Bulgaria, The Czech Republic, Serbia, North Macedonia and Croatia. Soon enough we all felt part of something greater.


During our staying in Gabrovo we had our everyday sessions. Each day had a different goal and a different mission. The process of trusting new people with dissimilar cultural backgrounds in order to accomplish daily achievements made us growth. We realized that we are more similar than we previously thought and it didn’t take a while for all the stereotypes to break. Becoming a part of this team meant that we had to leave our insecurities behind, so that we can take action and become leaders.


There was also a variety of project activities. Sometimes we were asked to communicate our ideas in order to present them, while other days we had outdoor activities and games. At the end of each day, we had reflection time when we could discuss and comprehend all the new information.

At night time we used to hold intercultural nights. Each country had to prepare a presentation accompanied by a traditional feast, where we could all try the famous dishes and drinks. After that we had free time to communicate and exchange further opinions. This gave us the chance to see how the others live and how much in common we have. When our time came, we made sure that everyone would try the legendary tzatziki and feta. Moreover, we performed some traditional dances as well.


Our experience was unforgettable and we can already see the results on our personal development. We hope that more and more young people will get informed about the benefits of Erasmus + projects.



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