Participant's Corner

Σεμινάριο, «Tools and practices on European Mobility Education», Djakovo, Κροατία, 20-26/09/2019

On the 20th of September, Pantelis and Ioanna embarked on a plane to Djakovo, Croatia to participate in the project called «Tools and practices on European Mobility Education», this is their short testimonials:

I am very satisfied with what this project offered to me and the way it was carried out. The trainers did a great job realizing all of the planned tasks and the group mostly participated in the activities in an enthusiastic manner. For me the most important thing I got from this project was knowledge about our fellow humans in eastern European countries; about their difficulties, realities and geopolitical complications. Together, we made an online group as part of a European values promotion campaign called OPP4U, listing some mobility opportunities people from European countries have. I hope more people from these countries get to know their opportunities to achieve their dream. All in all, I want to thank the Erasmus+ program for funding this educative mobility and CET Platform for organizing it. This was the last part of the EU Mode project for general participants and I think the whole thing was a big success.

-Pantelis Petsopoulos


I can easily say that the training course “tools and practices on European Mobility Education” offered to me more than just knowledge. The course was my first Erasmus+ program and it is certain that I gained a variety of things. First of all, I got informed about the immigration process, what is the process of migrating in different countries, in which cases a visa is needed e.t.c.But this seminar wasn’t only about information. Not only I got in touch with different cultures but also with amazing people. I was really lucky to make these good friends that I truly believe that one day I will meet them again somewhere in the world. The participants shared their knowledge, ideas, opinions and it was pretty amazing to be a part of a conversation with people from different backgrounds, believes, opinions. This program was an unforgettable experience and I would definitely participate in another program organized by CET Platform Hellas!

-Ioanna Demirani


In conclusion, both of us had an amazing multicultural experience, made new friends and accumulated knowledge on immigration and all of the topics that were covered. We can confidently say we feel more European now.




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