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ΠΡΟΣΚΛΗΣΗ ΣΥΜΜΕΤΟΧΗΣ για Ανταλλαγή Νέων τον Ιούνιο στη Σουηδία.

Πρόσκληση για συμμετοχή σε Ανταλλαγή Νέων στη Σουηδία.

(5 συμμετέχοντες ηλικίας 18-25 ετών – κατ’εξαίρεση 26-30 ετών και 1 team leader >18 ετών)

Τίτλος Προγράμματος: «OFFLINE is the new luxury»

Τύπος Προγράμματος: Youth Exchange
Ημερομηνίες: 18-27/06/2018
Προορισμός: Gnosjo, Sweden (κοντά στο Gothenburg)

Το πρόγραμμα είναι επιδοτούμενο από το πρόγραμμα Erasmus+. Καλύπτονται διαμονή και διατροφή και επιστρέφονται ταξιδιωτικά έξοδα έως 360 ευρώ.

Υπάρχει συμμετοχή 30 ευρώ προς τους διοργανωτές, η οποία θα αφαιρεθεί από το σύνολο των ταξιδιωτικών εξόδων.

Κατά τη διάρκεια του προγράμματος θα χρησιμοποιηθούν μέθοδοι μη τυπικής εκπαίδευσης και η γλώσσα εργασίας θα είναι τα Αγγλικά.


Project summary:

Addiction in technology is one of the most dangerous contemporary “diseases” that infect young people in Europe and all over the world. Young people often find themselves “imprisoned” in a digital jail, which excludes them from the real world, real human relationships and magnifies real and even imaginary problems and life choices. Young people have been born in a “digital” world, which they tend to overuse, thus being prone to inactive lifestyle, mental and physical health issues, lack of interpersonal communication and isolation. Opinions of all kinds and about all possible topics flourish around internet, often without the necessary base of accurate, up-to-date information, cause of misuse of search machines and misleading websites. Social media friendships have replaced the “old school” groups of people that spend quality time together enjoying each other’s company, causing a lot of misunderstandings and misinterpretations of human feelings. Videogames have replaced physical activity and autocorrect in all text writing applications impoverish spelling and language skills, even in one’s mother tongue.

Miscommunication and misunderstanding between people, Cyber Bulling and Online hate speech, Social exclusion of individuals and personal isolation, Lack of physical activity and creativity, Shortage of tools and methodologies to empower youngsters to start using their skills (personal and professional) in their communities for an active lifestyle are the most often issues that appear as a result.

These lead us to the need to promote real dialogue and communication between youngsters, to empower youth to solve technology addiction issue with creative tools, to enhance the knowledge of methods of embracing personal communication and active lifestyle.

The main Objectives of the project are:
-to improve the participants’ personal and development through an experiential path (made of teambuilding, workshops and role-plays) that will bring them to raise their awareness about the subject of the project,
-to provide the participants with an opportunity to express and review their thoughts and feelings on the issue of technological addiction, cyber bulling and online hate speech and to accomplish better understanding of the proper use of Internet and technology and the impact it’s misuse can bring in everyday life,
-to develop the participants’ social skills and encourage personal communication between people,
-to obtain a greater understanding of the cultural diversity, through the examination of the different ways of expression and comprehension of moves and signs between people with different cultural background,
-to provide with methods, techniques and tools that will allow the youthworkers to work in their local realities, in order to encourage the youth of their communities to engage into active lifestyle away from the digital world.



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Online Αίτηση

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Infopack – OFFLINE is the new luxury

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