Participant's Corner

TC «Startup Incubator», Πολωνία, 15-22/10/2019

It was 15 of October when Aggelos Nikos and Katianna met at the airport heading to Wroclaw. The Greek team was complete and we were all feeling like we knew each other for years. After 7 hours of flight we finally arrived at Wroclaw’s airport searching for a way to go to town. Wroclaw was really beautiful and well organized. When we arrived at the meeting point we met part of our team since some people weren’t there yet. Immediately we felt really comfortable and familiar with the others. When time passed we boarded on the shuttle bus and our journey to krzyzowa started. The first evening was really unexpected because everyone was so friendly and everything clicked into place.

The goal of the first two days was to get to know each other better through energizer activities and games. This really helped the team to bond and feel comfortable expressing ourselves and our opinions.


The first two evenings were the intercultural nights where we shared facts and historical information about each country participating. After the informative part we had the chance to try some traditional food and drinks. We brought some traditional cookies, olives, brittles and loukoumia. Regarding the drinks we brought ouzo, tsipouro and masticha. After our presentation we all got together to dance sirtaki. This was one of the best nights we had.


The next days was about learning everything regarding a startup business. We learned how to organize our thinking, to analyze the market and provide the local market with new ideas that were missing. We did a lot of presentations and conversations regarding the economical profile of each country. The whole experience was really helpful as it made clear that if you work hard and have a clear plan you can achieve your goals. It basically motivated us to learn more about businesses and start creating our own plan.


On Friday we traveled to Swidnica, a city near Krzyzowa to think of a business plan missing from this town. We explored the city, took a stroll down the river, visited the cathedral and we finished our excursion with some amazing local street food. Later that night we lit a bonfire in the woods and the whole team got together to chat and enjoy some soplica.


The experience was unique, we learned a lot of things for each other and for ourselves, we communicated and made new friends. Moreover our conversations help us to practice and improve our English skills. The bonding with some people is very strong and we are planning to meet them again. The last day was really depressing because no one wanted to leave those beautiful moments behind. Generally it was one of the best and most productive week of our lives.

Thank you all for this unforgettable experience!!!!!



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